Managed Backup Services

August 6, 2019

Managed Backup Services provides the information backup stability and predictability that you need and want to protect your data, your business and your reputation. By optimizing backup services operational efficiency, you can increase the value of your investment.

what is “Managed Backup Services ?”

If you’re interested in providing managed backup services, make sure you’ve got the right message and can execute both backup and retrieval well. Learn best practices for providing managed backup services, including sales pitches, customer communication, services branding and retrieval testing.

If you’re managed services, clients will often look for coverage of all their vital IT functions. Services like network or systems maintenance are the lifeblood of many managed service providers, but managed backup is a good way to round out your line card. Many resell an established the managed backup services so they don’t need to build their own network operations center. But even with that partnership, selling and managed backup services takes work.

You should always test your or your managed backup restoration process, but this can be especially important if you plan on providing more advanced managed backup services, like your client’s systems to restore a piece of them.

A managed backup provider isn’t like a utility company, which clients usually don’t notice unless there’s something wrong said. You should keep clients regularly informed about the status of their backups by emailing a confirmation whenever the backup succeeded or a warning when it didn’t. Make sure to include contact information so that clients know how to reach you if they need to add a computer or change their service in any other way.

In the final installment on managed backup services, we’ll share some best practices to help you get started, so you should consider providing managed backup.