Best Server Management and Monitoring

August 6, 2019

The heartbeat of your organization runs through your data center servers. Make sure your servers are as healthy as possible with Server Management and Monitoring for Windows, Linux and SQL Server. In partnership with leading technology specialists in the field, we tackle the details of Server Management and Monitoring, keeping your operation at peak availability, security and performance without over-burdening your in-house team.

Whether you have an Server Management and Monitoring all-Windows data center or a hybrid Windows/Linux/SQL Server environment, Peak 10 augments your IT team with instant expertise and resources. We tailor services to the particular needs of your business and processes to ensure the health, security, and efficiency of the servers you depend on. From antivirus and vulnerability scanning to advanced utilization and health statistics, Server Management and Monitoring can solve problems and provide you with the information you need to stay ahead of business needs.

Benefits of Server Management and Monitoring

Experience a higher level of server log monitoring for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX platforms that easy to configure and fully integrated with service desk and GO Mobile Application. And it doesn’t stop there; the server monitoring is extensible, meaning you can expand its capabilities to include threshold monitoring for key CPU, memory, and disk metrics, as well as monitor for requested applications.

Service desk

The service desk is part of a single UI that’s fully integrated with its asset and server management capabilities. Enjoy easy access to context-sensitive information across all your computers and servers, or provide remote support for clients directly from the service desk. Best of all, IT managers can rest assured knowing that all activities are tracked, ensuring easy bench marking and auditing.You can ensure resources aren’t wasted tracking your server environment and avoid potential compliance issues with adherence to applicable regulations.

Server Management and Monitoring IT pros the world over wouldn’t be caught dead without server management software because it takes so much of the manual burden off managing servers and other critical applications.  Server management is required to enhance the up-time of servers. Based on the server system, management plans may vary. Yet the bottom line is that proper server management software will guarantee the security and stability, the huge machines, physical servers occupy both space and power.The server management and monitoring services to controlled over the system of the monitoring.